Basics of Nakshatra Padhathi (Marriage, Profession & Health)

This book contains
1) Stellar system in astrology
2) Significations of Nodes
3) Marriage and Dasha Vidhana Ponthanam
4) Placement of Stars in Rashi Chakra or Zodiac Wheel
5) Dasha Vidhana Ponthanam
6) Vadha Vainashika Dosha
7) Dasha Sandhi
8) Matching Points for Stars
9) Marriage Matching
10) Sahams or Sensitive Points
11) Timing of the Marriage
12) Kuja (Sevai) Dosha or Manglik
13) Jupiter, Rahu and Saturn
14) 7th Lord with 6/8/12 Connection
15) Lunacy and Mental illness
16) Blindness
17) Alcoholism by Spouse
18) Imprisonment or Jail Yoga.
19) Divorce and Dual Marriage
20) Delay in Birth of Children
21) Charity or Spendthrift

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