Jaimini Maharishi’s Upadesa Sutras

This book offers a lucid transliteration of the upadesa sutras of Maharishi Jaimini.Wherever necessary this has been substantiated by references from standard texts.A number of riddles hitherto confronting vedic astrology have been resolved with fine illustrations.These include(a)the difference between chara,sthiraand naisargika karakas (b)the distinction between “karakamsa” and “swamsa” and it’s impact in the charts of twins born just 2 minutes apart(c) the calculation and use of the narayana,sthira,shoola,navamsa,brahma,varnada,manduka,paryaya,kendradi and sudasas (d)the use of special ascendants in deciphering and timing rajyoga/dhanyogas (e)predicting co-borns for self and spouse children from saptamsa,evils from kauluka disease from trimsamsa and death from rudramsa (f)longevity estimation and nature of death.

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