Predictive Astrology: Fundamental Principles and Analysis of Horoscope

Special features of the book are, a) Astrology in modern perspective b) Simple description of planets,signs,houses,and Nakshatra c)Benefic and Malefic planets for different ascendants key planets.d)Significations of planets and their effects in different houses.e)Yogas-dhan yoga,raj yoga,arishta yoga, yogas from Sun and Moon,Pancha Mahapurush yogas,nabhas yogas Neecha Bhanga yoga.f)Parameters for analysis of horoscopes-Divisional charts.Vimshottari Dasha,Jaimini char Dasha and Transit.g)Judgement of all the 12 houses,effects of retrograde planets and Chhidra Dasha.h)Horoscope of the first Indian woman of the world who went on Antarctica Expedition.i)Horoscope of the first Indian woman who ventured into space –in space Shuttle-columbia.j)Horoscope of Sant Shri Asa Ram ji Bapu.k)Brief Historical background of Vedic astrology, it’s relations with other subjects and Karma Theory.

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