Revelations of Medical Astrology

In this book, an attempt has been made to collect the various astrological combinations given in the classical books and also to add to these the combinations which have been found applicable to various new diseases based on statistical analysis. An effort has been made to identify the astrological combinations for various diseases and to suggest astrological remedial measures.

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Shadbala: Planetary Strengths (Calculation and Application)

Planetary Strengths is the first book on Shadbala and Bhava Bala which deals with detailed calculations based on Vedic Classical Principles and Application of Balas for delineation of horoscopes. The book covers Sthana Bala, Dig Bala,Kaala Bala, Cheshta Bala, Naisargik Bala and Drik Bala.An attempt has also been made to add Vimshopaka Bala and Rashmi Bala as well as Ishta Bala and Kashta Bala.The aspects of the planets have been explained with graphs in a lucid and novel way. A number of example Horoscopes have been analyzed from the point of view of profession, health, marital life and prosperity based on these Balas. It provides a base for further research on this aspect of astrology.

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Interpretation of Planetary Transit

This book is a comprehensive volume based on vedic classical principles.The earlier chapters give in brief the basic principles of Astrology such as significations of the houses,planets and signs,followed by general considerations of benefic positions and the obstructions (vedha)therof.A detailed explanation of transit of various planets has been provided.The later part of the book deals with important aspects of transit like Moorti Nimaya,Nakshatra Transit,role of Ashtakavarga in transit and the most effective tool known as Sarvatobhadra Chakra.

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