Prediction Secrets Naadi Astrology

This book has extended details of transit, elaborated planetary combinations and is extensively improved than earlier version. This will be a hand book on Naadi Astrology.



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Roots of Naadi Astrology

Roots of Naadi Astrology is a practical study material on different Naadi systems selected from classical and modern works. The author has experimented on applicability of the rules from these Naadi systems. In this monumental work he restricts himself in presenting the most useful principles and avoids unnecessary texts. He puts his logical observations while presenting the topics. He covers the following great works in this volume.
1. Dhruva Naadi ( Satya Jataka)
2. Universally applicable rules from Chandra Kala Naadi
3. Bhrighu Nandi Naadi
From Modern works he selects applicable Naadi principles of
1. Stellar system that uses Component of Panchanga
2. Stellar system that uses Jeeva and Sareera principle
3. Stellar system that uses Dasha Bhukti divisions in zodiac
Throughout the book he uses an example horoscope to establish the applicability of the rules in different Naadi systems .

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Prashna Hora (Horary Astrology & Cosmic Psyche in Classical & Nadi)

This book deals with Horary Astrology in general and Naadi Prashna Hora in particular. The author has included brain wave psychology establishing the origin of question and the functional conscious theory. He has merged the philosophy of karma with super conscious and hardwired mechanism in brain functions besides proving that the occult matters dealt in Prashna Marga are the science of highest order which can be proved by neuroscience. In his conscious theory he brought out the relationship of Kendra and Kona houses and the other houses which are resultant interchanging transitory effect between Kendra and Kona and vice versa. The primary importance given to Kendra in Shatpanchasikha is well established in a separate chapter. With unfailing principles in Naadi supported by ample practical case studies, this book is a perfect guide to horary astrology.

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Celestial Matrix in Naadi Astrology

A unique system of analysis based on zonal effect of rasis and planets posited therein and influenced by other planets from specified places is the main principle of Bhrigu Nandi Nadi expounded by R.G.Rao of Bangalore. Based on his works earlier book “Prediction Secrets- Naadi Astrology” was published.
In the process of experimentation with the combination of the planets it was found that every birth has a set-pattern of planetary positions. The matrix formed at macro level indicates the purpose of the birth. At micro level with zonal and star influences detailed study of nativity will reveal many secrets. The star level needs to be explored with details of stars from the sacred texts. But the place of birth having different Year Lords, Month Lord the Day Lord, Hora Lord and Sub Hora Lord have equal influence in differentiating nativities. In this book an effort is made to identify the matrix at macro level for certain births.
A deep analysis with the aid of Hora Lords etc. will definitely give the purpose of birth. Even with little efforts we can go to previous births. The horoscope of yogis are dealt with reference to Sub Hora Lords. There is also an example of analysing horoscopes having similar planetary combinations.
This is a beginning of research in Naadi Astrology and the days are not far to reach the truth behind the Celestial Matrix influenced by subtle bodies. This is a handbook on Naadi System for the students and astrologers to develop further in the subject.

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Orbital Providence (Scholarly Exposition on Naadi Astrology)

This book deals with set pattern of karma for a particular individual which is again based on orbital providence. The effect of space significations and the dynamic planetary significations of each individual denotes the purpose of life. This Orbital Providence is a secret which can be analysed through Naadi system. The author, in this scholarly exposition sets the pattern to delineate karma of individuals from different walks of life. He also suggests necessary modifications to celestial significations. Several components from classical astrology are being re-introduced to fit in to Naadi astrology. With the restricted fundamentals, which forms part of essential reading, the author includes new techniques throughout the example. Doubts on Naadi system are clarified in a separate chapter.

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Revelation from Naadi Jyotisha

The present research work on the Naadi is unique in its presentation and it has many hitherto untold secrets of astronomy relating to astrology. Many astronomical mechanisms are set in astrological aphorisms to delineate material and metaphysical aspects of life. In this work the author has established every rule with practical examples enabling to grasp logic in application. Apart from giving detailed method to study the horoscope, many remedial measures are given to overcome inimical effects of planets. This book is divided into many sections catering the needs of novice to expert in the field of astrology. In the 2nd part of the book the author introduced the team efforts in the field of classical works and rare remedial measures. This book is a treasure of knowledge and worth a prime place in personal library.

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