How to Study Divisional Charts

HowToStudy_DivisionalCharts_Cover_ForWebThis book, which has been finalized after empirical studies, is primarily for meeting this demand through an integrated and systematically consolidated approach for analytically studying the divisional charts. At the same time the book throws light on the application of principles relating to the studies of vargas ( divisions), debilitated planets, combust planets, transit, exalted planets, vargottamma planets occupying their signs of debilitation, timing of marriage etc. and illustrated divisional charts regarding profession, progeny, parentage, health, marriage etc..

Rs 200.00

Impact of Ascending Signs

How to analyse a horoscope in 3 minutes,suggested effective astral remedies specific for each ascendant,reason for miseries in the lives of natives born in Taurus,Virgo and pisces ascendants.

Rs 175.00

How to Analyse Married Life

Guidelines to spot prominent events in life,planetary configurations for marital happiness and discord,astral remedies for solving marital problems,special reference to most malefic influence,case studies.

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