The Mystery of I-Ching

The esoteric quality of the future and a natural curiosity combine to lead us to the various modes of Divination.I-ching also called the book of changes is one such mode. It is the oldest system of oracular divination.The book also interprets the 64 possible hexagrams, with each hexagram made up of six broken or solid, unbroken lines. The book also explain the origins of this system in ancient China and its underlying philosophy, how it works and the commentaries. There is also a short summary of instructions for the reader on how to go about the task of divining the future with this book of changes.

Rs 200.00

Jathaka Sara Dheepa (2Vols)

The present work Jathaka Sara Dheepa a massive work of Sri Nrusimha Deivagna in Sanskrit covering all aspects of Vedic Astrology, has been translated into English with commentary and copious notes etc.

Rs 600.00