Predictive Astrology a treatise on Muhurta, Marriage and Children

Salient features of the book are 1) Muhurta in Modern context, at a glance.2) Important Samskaras Muhurtas and Yogas.3) Ashtakavarga an aid to Muhurta 4) Timing of Marriage-Parashari and through Ashtakavarga. 5) Denial of Marriage, Multiple marriages, widowhood and wife’s death.6) Effects of Past births on progeny.7) Timing of child’s birth by Parashari and Ashtakavarga methods.8) Sex determination and birth of daughters.9) Miscarriages and mishaps to children 10) Childlessness and son’s inimical relations with father.11) Controversies-Sade Sati, Kalsarpa Yoga, Retrogression of planets and effects of planets in mooltrikina signs.

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