Revelations of Zodiacal Signs and their Lunar Mansions

An intensive esoteric inquiry into Zodiacal Signs and lunar mansions to indicate the individual’s egoic progress towards self-realization and attainment of one’s ultimate destiny. This unusual study attempts to discuss the evolutionary impact of astrological factors.Sorrows,frustration,ill-health, poverty, social and marital discord arise when the individual tried to resist the psychological orientation needed for one’s enduring unfoldment.The usual remedial measures for planetary afflictions are mere short-term palliatives which do not result in the permanent cure of the basic disharmony. The present study shows the direction inspired by the planetary forces. If these directions could be rightly comprehended, the individual may realize permanent equipoise and meaningful life-style and peace of the mind. It could even pave the path of self realization and happier future. The Vedic astrology as discussed here aimed at showing a new significance of the astral science in human understanding and the place of inter-personal differences.

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