Stock Market Muhurtas When & Where to buy

 StockMarketMuhurtaThis book is to guide the traders to select auspicious and inauspicious moment of time for making any major investments into gold, silver, property, bonds, fixed deposits, stocks and commodities.

Mostly during auspicious Muhurtas the inflow of money and liquidity increases into the markets because of enhanced purchasing activities by the house holders or the retail consumers and hence increases the demand for goods and services in the market, which in turn increases the opportunities to make profits on the investments. Hence the markets pick up during the auspicious days or when any auspicious day nears in or with the nearing in of the marriage season.

While during inauspicious Muhurtas the inflow of money and liquidity decreases from the markets because of slowing down in the purchasing activities by the retail consumers and hence reduces the demand for goods and services, which in turn reduces the opportunities to make profits on the investments. And thus the markets reflect the bearish activity during the inauspicious days.

In India most of the house holders love to do purchasing activities in the auspicious Muhurtas and avoid all important purchasing during any bad Muhurtas. Mostly people avoid purchasing metals or iron products during Saturdays. People avoid purchasing in the Hindu months of Bhadrapad, Pusa & Pitra paksha periods. Hence, during these months we observe reduced business activities in the markets and the stock markets too reflects the slow down and at times reversals in price directions are also seen.

People love to purchase gold and gold ornaments during the days of guru-pushya yoga nakshatra or the pushya nakshatra falling on Thursday and on akshay tritiya because these days are considered auspicious for purchasing gold or investing into gold. During these days the prices of gold rises up because of its huge demand in the market.

Therefore learning about the auspicious Muhurtas is very important for selecting the right time to make any major investment and this book is designed to serve this purpose by bringing the knowledge of various Muhurtas in the hands of the traders, investors and to hands of common people so that they may be able to select these right moments to make their investments successful and profitable.

This book contains detailed and systematic study of Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana, the five elements of time or five limbs of panchanga and hence called panchanga. These five elements of time are based on the positions of Sun and Moon, the two important luminaries, and are used to study and decide the auspiciousness of any date and time for the purpose of making investments into gold, silver, property, bonds, fixed deposits, stocks and commodities or buying, selling or trading into them.

It contains separate chapters on some important considerations to decide auspiciousness of any investment muhurta like Rahu Kaal, Yamkanda Kaal, Gulika, Gauri Panchang, Chaughadia Periods, Eclipse, Punya Kaal, Hora, Panchak, Durmuhurtas etc.

It also contains separate chapters on analyzing the auspicious Muhurtas for Borrowing & Lending Money, Buying, Selling & Trading Activity, Commencement of Business or Shop, Buying House or Land, Making Fixed Deposits etc. These important investment activities of day to day life, which one may come across at any point of time in their lives, has been thoroughly dealt with in this book.

The entire subject is systematically arranged in a lucid step by step manner, in order to make the use of this book and astrological principles, contained herein to accertain muhurta for investments, simpler to the readers, so that they may be able to easily select them apply them for the profitable outcome of their investments, with the help of auspicious nakshatra, yoga, vaar karan and tithi of any particular date.  


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Predicting the Nifty & Sensex

PredictingTheNiftyAndSensex_COVER_ForWebThis book contains detailed and systematic study of price movements, upside and downside, in the indices Nifty & Sensex, with the help of astrological variables like nakshatra, tithi & yoga as well as solar ingression into various signs of zodiac. All these have been practically experimented and have been verified and explained with the help of 10 years of empherical price data of nifty along with the application of the principles and variables of astrology. With the application of these findings the author has been able to successfully predict the intraday direction of the indices Nifty & Sensex, stock markets and the rise and fall in the stock prices for years.

This book is likely to help the traders of Nifty & Sensex futures, as well as for the option traders who love to trade in Call & Put options of Nifty & Sensex. It will also help the intraday and short term traders of Equity Stocks buy determining the trend & direction of the broader market Indices of the Indian Equity markets, namely the Nifty & Sensex. Hence all the traders can plan their moves accordingly by predetermining the nerves of the markets.

The entire analysis has been systematically arranged in a month wise manner with respect to the transit of Sun, or the Solar ingress into the various signs of zodiac, in order to make the use of this book and astrological principles simpler to the traders, so that they may be able to easily select the principles month-wise and apply them easily to predict the market using any ordinary panchang calendar, where they may be able to find the nakshatra, yoga and tithi for any particular date.

This book is the next elaborate research work in continuance of the author’s previous book, “Stock Market Astrology & Astrological Theory of Business Cycles”. This book is based on the years of aggressive research on Stock Market Astrology, in the study of astrological influences on the financial markets and price movements especially and specifically in the market indices Nifty & Sensex. This book has been written after more than two and a half decades of the author’s hard work, research and professional experience in the field of astrology, and after the 14 years of dedicated aggressive research in the application of astrological principles in predicting the movements of indices Nifty & Sensex in the stock market.

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Stock Market Astrology & Astrological Theory of Business Cycles

Stock Market Astrology & Astrological Theory of Business Cycles is the first ever systematic work on the astrological influences on stock markets and the stock prices, based on 11 years of aggressive research carried out with the wisdom gained through 20 years of professional experience in the field of astrology. There has been a persistent demand for some dependable method of predicting the stock markets with greater accuracy and this book will hopefully fill that gap successfully. The language of the book is simple and the complex astrological principles were also explained in a very simple manner that anyone, with little knowledge of astrology, can easily grasp these principles to predict the business cycles, periods of economic recession, panic and the direction of the stock prices successfully and use them accordingly for trading in the stock markets.
The fundamental idea behind this book was that the stock markets are governed by the investor sentiments of greed and fear and the fact remains true that all the human sentiments, whether the sentiment of greed or fear, are governed by the astrological influences on the human brains, which drives the brain to take any buying or selling decision in the markets.

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