Jyothisha Phala Ratna Mala

JyotishPhalRatanMala_CoverWebThe book “Jyothisha phala ratnamala” is a verse commentary by Krishnamishra. This evidently is based on Jaimini schoolof Astrology.
This old commentary has no translations so far except for the fact that it’s translation in Telugu is by the author and published in 2011.
This wonderful book includes results based on Arudha, Drashta, Kevala and Yogada planets.
This book very usefully deals Argala Rajayogas, Avayogas, various kinds of Lagnas, and the results correspondingly.
Besides, it is of much use in predicting dasa results, bhava results based on gochara transits. Though he says that this could be known from a Sanskrit commentary viz Kalpalata written by his son, it is not up to the mark because of interpolations and other various mistakes. However, one can take much use of this predictive work by the simultaneous study of Jaimini sutramritam, and A manual of Jaimini Astrology. The author can dare say that the study of Jaimini is incomplete if this Phalaratnamala is not studied and understood.

Rs 165.00

Bhuvana Deepika

This book is on Prasna Sastra, was written by Sri Padma Prabhu Soori. This small work comprises 36 doorways dealing easily the contents like journey & return, disease, health, theft, sale & purchase, pregnancy, dispute etc. Some fundamentals are also given in the first six doorways. The translation in English will be of good use to both the professionals and amateurs in astrology.

Rs 60.00

A Manual of Jaimini Astrology

This book contains Basics of Jaimini Astrology, Argalas & Raja Yogas, Karakamsa, Arudha, Upapada, Female Horoscopy, Longevity, Ayur Dasas, and Phalitha Dasas

Rs 75.00

Jaimini Sutramritam

This book is such that the astrologer could grasp easily and correctly the aspects, argalas, arudhas, raja yogas, ayur dasas, phalitha dasas etc also because of charts illustrated where ever necessary.Forsure this could be a guide to every aspirant to Jaimini predictivity.

Rs 150.00