Astro Palmistry

AstroPalmistry_CoverForWebThe science and art of Astro – Palmistry is that branch of Palmistry which deals with the determination of birth time from hand-reading. The importance of this section of hand-reading cannot be questioned from the very fact that the birth time in many instances either unknown or imperfectly recorded

 The system is being practiced by the Hindu Astrologers from ancient times and there are still some astrologers who can accurately estimate the birth time from the hand. Unfortunately the subject is getting extinct for the reason that it has been kept secret with great care and its knowledge usually runs in families with astrological profession. Occasionally one may be fortunate enough to get a few tips from an ascetic, with many of whom the art is still extinct.

In the determination of a correct horoscope it is essential that the astrologer rest his opinion not upon one or two factors, but upon a series of factors which when properly put together gives him a complete, or nearly a complete picture of the Native. It is futile for an astrologer to attempt to base his judgment upon a single signification as for an architect to attempt to determine the appearance of a house by seeing one of the stones which has been removed from its walls.

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Yantra Mahima

The book deals with yantra pooja, design of Yantras, the mantras being used for worshiping the yantra, energizing (praan prathishtha) the yantra and other usages of the yantras.

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Remedies through Mantras

This book is a compendium of the work on Tantra, Mantra and Yantra. This book is purely based on Old Sanskrit classics. In this book the authors have tried to associate the mantra shastra with astrology. In addition to this, some of the problems of the devotees have been addressed in the work on mantra sadhana. It deals with mantras for worship, sadhana, appeasing of deities, will power, concentration and many other aspects on mantra sadhana.

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