Chamatkar Chintamani

An acknowledged classic having chosen just 108 verses out of 4, 00,000 verses of the then available texts of the yore.Gives some unique formulae to study effects of various planets in houses.

Rs 150.00

Jatak Tatva

The entire book has been divided into five Tatvas 1)Samjna Tatva dealing with the main principles of Astrology, 2) Sutika Tatva consists of conditions, place and circumstances at the time of delivery of the native, his destiny etc. , 3) Prakirna Tatva gives in great detail an examination of the twelve houses or Bhavas 4) Stri Jataka Tatva is all about female horoscopy elucidating her character, qualities and personality and the ‘to be’ partner from all the angles, Dasa Tatva though a difficult subject to be epitomized in a few pages of a single book yet contains all the basic and intricate relations of the planets during their Dasa and Antardasa – Main Period and Sub-Period. These 48 sutras are like an encyclopedia.

Rs 150.00

Laghu Parashari Sidhant

With Madhya arashari composed by some ancient sages who were ardent followers of parasara rishi.It is unique in itself for giving the fundamental principles to interpret vimshottari dasa and yoga results.

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Phaladeepika of Mantreswara as the title implies is light to phaladesh or a guide to hora.Next to Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra ,Phaladeepika is the most often quoted text book on astrology.Mantreswara has in this masterpiece given a very deep and scientific study of the effects of transit and the cause and effect resulting therefrom the Adh on the effects of bhavas will be found by the reader as a very useful and informative guide to him.Equally interesting is the discovery through the yogas.So is the revealing experience in the adhyaya on sarvatobhadra charka.

Rs 150.00

Jataka Desh Marga

An outstanding classic on astrology, dealing with almost all subjects including yogas, dasa and transit analysis.

Rs 100.00

Jataka Alankara

A 17th century text besides giving the typical bhava effects of all the twelve houses and special combinations for longevity the effects of various exchanges (parivartan yoga) involving the ascendant lord.The principles given in brief if extended can form a very useful basis for predictive astrology.

Rs 35.00


This book is divided into two Kanda: the first consists of 8 sections dealing with Time of Birth, Planets, Bhavas, Strength of planets, Length of life, Planetary effects in several Bhavas, Saturn and Jupiter combining to make the philosopher, Function (Karkatva) of Bhavas and Planets (this part is unparallel), Dasa Periods and on Queries, the second kanda deals with issues like the Sraddha ceremonies, rituals and the adoption of sons.

Rs 80.00

Prasanagnana of Bhattotpala

A small and pithy work or prasna (querry) analyse comprising of only 70 verses.But the commentary juxtaposes these with the view of the other classical writer enhancing the value of this rendering much more.

Rs 35.00