Yogini & Kalchakra Dasa

Two unique dasa systems are discussed in a very lucid language. This is the only book in English on Kalachakra dasa system giving the correct dasa sequence, method of interpretation and the second cycle of Dasas.Yogini dasa,a favorite of pandits of Himalayan region, and Kalchakra dasa system when combined with vimshottari dasa makes timing of events a very simple affair.

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Horary Astrology & Swarauday Sastra

Rules for answering questions on the basis of time of query and timing them in now made very simple by the author. Besides Horary chart author has also given rare Nakshatra rules for answering queries. Such rare and hidden secrets of Vedic astrology as Sarvatobhadra Chakra are discussed. The unique feature of this book is Swarauday shastra or the science of breathing with the help of which any query can be answered on the basis of nostril from which one is breathing. Rules for timing events on the basis of swara and predominant tatwa have been revealed for the first time making this the most unique book of its kind.

Rs 90.00

Varshphal or Annual Horoscope

The author has discussed all the salient features of annual horoscopy with a number of illustrations. Some very rare rules, hitherto passed on only in Guru-Shishya tradition, have been discussed. Even monthly chart,hora chart and daily charts are discussed with illustrations these help a reader make correct predictions to the hour. This is a unique and only book of its kind in English which gives such rare techniques with numerous examples.

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Determining Profession Ups & Downs in Career

This book the author has dealt in detail the profession a native is likely to take.A number of illustrations are given to make even a beginner understand the technicalities involved in determining profession.This is also the first book on vedic astrology which deals with the ups and downs experienced by a native in his career.Various Raja yogas,Dhana yogas,Poverty yogas and yogas for misfortune are explained in a very lucid language.Various situations like promotion,demotion,multiple professions,transfers,gain or loss in business etc.are explained with numerous illustrations making this the only book of its kind.

Rs 120.00

Conditional Dasa of Sage Parasara

Besides Vimshottari, Kalachakra and yogini dasa sage Parasara suggests use of various conditional dasas.The author presents before astrology loving public his researches in timing events through nine conditional dasa besides the three main dasa systems.This is the first time such an effort has been undertaken by anyone in the world and this book can be considered a landmark in techniques on timing events.

Rs 50.00

Timing of Events

The author has highlighted the classical aspect of astrology to the best of his ability and understanding. This book covers some ignored topics such as chalet charka, divisional charts, yogini dasha etc. the author has also explained some practical application of the well known rules of Vedic astrology and the doubts which can crop up in the mind of a beginner. This book will help them understand the scientific basis of jyotisha clearly.

Rs 75.00