Prediction Secrets Naadi Astrology

This book has extended details of transit, elaborated planetary combinations and is extensively improved than earlier version. This will be a hand book on Naadi Astrology.



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Jyothisha Phala Ratna Mala

JyotishPhalRatanMala_CoverWebThe book “Jyothisha phala ratnamala” is a verse commentary by Krishnamishra. This evidently is based on Jaimini schoolof Astrology.
This old commentary has no translations so far except for the fact that it’s translation in Telugu is by the author and published in 2011.
This wonderful book includes results based on Arudha, Drashta, Kevala and Yogada planets.
This book very usefully deals Argala Rajayogas, Avayogas, various kinds of Lagnas, and the results correspondingly.
Besides, it is of much use in predicting dasa results, bhava results based on gochara transits. Though he says that this could be known from a Sanskrit commentary viz Kalpalata written by his son, it is not up to the mark because of interpolations and other various mistakes. However, one can take much use of this predictive work by the simultaneous study of Jaimini sutramritam, and A manual of Jaimini Astrology. The author can dare say that the study of Jaimini is incomplete if this Phalaratnamala is not studied and understood.

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Children & Astrology

Child is a very sweet five letter word and is the purest and most innocent creation of God. He manifests all the necessary attributes which takes one nearer to the God. It is rightly said “child is the father of man”. Children are the continuation of the human race into the next generation. They are a blessing from God, because it is not something that just because you want to have a child, so you can have one. In some cases, it is delayed, delayed inordinately or even denied. The craving to have at least one child drives a man/ woman to any extent including artificial insemination. The book gives various astrological combinations for these and also some remedial measures including Mantra/ Tantras. Not to have a child is one serious problem, to lose a child after conceiving one is ten times more grievous and to see one’s child go astray or humiliate his parent is 100 times more pain causing. Our scriptures say that all these are the results of our own karmas of past lives. Birth of a child is not just an accident or event, but is our own undischarged debts or assets of previous lives.

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Education & Astrology

EducationAndAstrology_CoverWebThe evolution of human race to its present state is due to constant endeavour of each parent to see that even at the cost of their own discomfort, their children move ahead and achieve, what even they could not for any reason. The aim of education has been to awaken the consciousness of a person. The education liberates a soul from darkness of ignorance to the glory of true knowledge and bliss. To acquire knowledge is a natural trait of all human beings. However these days the stream/ branches of education are so many and varied and to get admission therein is so competitive and difficult that the task of the young students and their parents have become difficult. Hence there is a definite need to have astrological/ psychological counseling for specific educational fields. There are number of astrological yogas, combinations, Arishtas (to be countered) as tools for astrologers; yet the astrologer have to invoke his knowledge and intuition to the maximum to be able to provide the correct and timely counsel. Hope the book will help one and all in pursuit of the same.

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250 से ज़यादा परेशानियों के जादुई उपाय


यह किताब आपकी समस्या के उपाए तो बताएंगे ही,साथ ही आपको उपायों के सर के बारे में भी बताएंगी। हमने पूरी कोशिश कि है कि आपको हर समस्या के ८ -१० उपाए दिए जाएँ। अपने अंर्तकन की आवाज़ सुनकर आप जो भी उपाए विश्वास के साथ करेंगे , आपकी परेशानी अपने आप जल्द हल हो जाएगी। ईश्वर आपका भला करे।

लेखिका :- जय मदान

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Vedic Astro Numerology

VedicAnkJyoEng_CoverWebHundred years ago present system of numerology came back to India with western system. Author tried to write the concept with Indian references and tried his best to make it a practical proposition even in the present context.Part-1 of this book is based on Unitary System and Part-2 is based on Grid system, Number Dasha results and Horary.

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Charisma of Navamsha

Among various Vargas, the relative importance of Navamsha is universally acclaimed. Astrologers consider it to be just next to birth chart or equal to birth chart or even better than the birth chart. Almost all astrologers use Navamsha and birth chart together to assess strengths of various houses and planets before giving any opinion. In Vedic astrology, Navamsha occupies an outstanding position and draws one’s attention for deeper understanding/ scrutiny due to its multifarious technique and usage. The additional inputs in the form of scintillating concepts by Jaimini and Nadi system have made the subject more engrossing. The author has tried to incorporate the same in the book. The study of a birth chart gives only the gross (Sthool) indications of characteristics of various houses and planets; while Navamsha offers their detailed (Sookshmatar) values. It is so because a Navamsha is basically equal to both in its size and extent to a quarter/ one fourth / pada of a Nakshtra, thereby giving it a stellar role. While a house represents a combined spectrum of 30 degrees, a Navamsha provides a microscopic view of 3° 20’ or 1/ 9 part of a sign only.

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Astrology: A Quest Towards Unknown

The universe is an ocean of mysteries and surprises. Why and from where we have come? What is our role and aim in this life? What is death and what happens after death? Who controls or regulate our actions? What are destiny and Karma principles? Is there anything as soul and rebirth? What is the origin and power of our thoughts? Saints, philosophers and scientists have all tried to answer these queries but no universally accepted views have emerged so far. In the last two centuries, great strides have been made in various fields of knowledge. But what is the use of this knowledge if it does not bring liberation from sufferings and peace of mind. Consciousness and universe are inter-woven. Time is a great cosmic force with four dimensional approach. Philosophy and religion are in depth study of man. To know the human beings is to know the universe and mind/ intellect play a great role in it. Sri Ramkrishna said, “A man attains everything when he discovers his true Self in himself.” One should strive to attain the state of sat-chit-anand in this very life. Astrology is a divine science which helps one understand himself better and answer various what, why, how and when in a systematic way.


Astro Palmistry

AstroPalmistry_CoverForWebThe science and art of Astro – Palmistry is that branch of Palmistry which deals with the determination of birth time from hand-reading. The importance of this section of hand-reading cannot be questioned from the very fact that the birth time in many instances either unknown or imperfectly recorded

 The system is being practiced by the Hindu Astrologers from ancient times and there are still some astrologers who can accurately estimate the birth time from the hand. Unfortunately the subject is getting extinct for the reason that it has been kept secret with great care and its knowledge usually runs in families with astrological profession. Occasionally one may be fortunate enough to get a few tips from an ascetic, with many of whom the art is still extinct.

In the determination of a correct horoscope it is essential that the astrologer rest his opinion not upon one or two factors, but upon a series of factors which when properly put together gives him a complete, or nearly a complete picture of the Native. It is futile for an astrologer to attempt to base his judgment upon a single signification as for an architect to attempt to determine the appearance of a house by seeing one of the stones which has been removed from its walls.

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Role of Nakshtra in Astrology

RoleOfNakshtrasInAstrologyThe stars or Nakshtras have fascinated most of us during our childhood. During hurly-burly of adulthood, they seemed to be put in background, but come back to centre stage again once we settle down in life and concept of Almighty/ destiny dawns on us. Nakshtras are said to be the abodes into which the fruits of our past labour or Karma is transferred and stored. Thus, Nakshtras distribute the outgrowth of Karma according to the theory of cause and effect. We should look more and more into them and try and identify ourselves with our own Nakshtra to understand ourselves and people around us better. The deity, nature, working style, caste, sex, Yoni, Gunas, Tatwa, Tridosh, body parts, lord of Nakshtra and its Pada, Muhurats, longevity, profession, diseases/ health, marriage, children & relationships and remedial measures for afflicted/ ill placed Nakshtra are unique for each individual and his Nakshtra. This book takes us through a sojourn of cosmic path of 27 Nakshtras. The author hopes this journey is interesting, knowledgeable and satisfying.

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Snapshot Prediction Using Yogini Dasha

YoginiDashaThis book “Snapshot Prediction Using Yogini Dasha” places the Yogini Dasha at its rightful place in predictive astrology. Sages have commanded use of Yogini Dasha on all horoscopes. Life is not repeat of events every thirty six years and this prejudice is the biggest hurdle in use of Yogini. This book clears the mystery and makes Yogini Dasha as universally applicable dasha in true sense.

This method of progressive Yogini Dasha has been tested on thousands of horoscopes over ten years and has given excellent results. This method is now presented for the benefit of lovers of astrology in India and abroad.

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Predicting the Nifty & Sensex

PredictingTheNiftyAndSensex_COVER_ForWebThis book contains detailed and systematic study of price movements, upside and downside, in the indices Nifty & Sensex, with the help of astrological variables like nakshatra, tithi & yoga as well as solar ingression into various signs of zodiac. All these have been practically experimented and have been verified and explained with the help of 10 years of empherical price data of nifty along with the application of the principles and variables of astrology. With the application of these findings the author has been able to successfully predict the intraday direction of the indices Nifty & Sensex, stock markets and the rise and fall in the stock prices for years.

This book is likely to help the traders of Nifty & Sensex futures, as well as for the option traders who love to trade in Call & Put options of Nifty & Sensex. It will also help the intraday and short term traders of Equity Stocks buy determining the trend & direction of the broader market Indices of the Indian Equity markets, namely the Nifty & Sensex. Hence all the traders can plan their moves accordingly by predetermining the nerves of the markets.

The entire analysis has been systematically arranged in a month wise manner with respect to the transit of Sun, or the Solar ingress into the various signs of zodiac, in order to make the use of this book and astrological principles simpler to the traders, so that they may be able to easily select the principles month-wise and apply them easily to predict the market using any ordinary panchang calendar, where they may be able to find the nakshatra, yoga and tithi for any particular date.

This book is the next elaborate research work in continuance of the author’s previous book, “Stock Market Astrology & Astrological Theory of Business Cycles”. This book is based on the years of aggressive research on Stock Market Astrology, in the study of astrological influences on the financial markets and price movements especially and specifically in the market indices Nifty & Sensex. This book has been written after more than two and a half decades of the author’s hard work, research and professional experience in the field of astrology, and after the 14 years of dedicated aggressive research in the application of astrological principles in predicting the movements of indices Nifty & Sensex in the stock market.

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Medical Astrology

Medical astrology is a specialized branch of Vedic astrology. It is an extraordinary predictive and counseling tool. A horoscope indicates good, bad or indifferent traits and physical, emotional or spiritual characteristics of the native as per the Karmic flow. A chart is only the representation of one’s Karmic implications in one’s life through planetary influences. The medical astrology helps in understanding well in advance where the human chain is the weakest in the physical body and why. An astute astrologer will be able to diagnose disease and the diseased body part merely by analysis of the horoscope. He should be able to tell the susceptibility or the resistance which a native has for a particular disease. He may be able to tell the period of onset/ recovery from the disease and can also suggest the remedial measures to reduce its severity without any side effect. Once this is known, it will be easier for medicos to quickly arrive at the cause and place of diseased body part and the treatment to which the patient will respond.

The diseases are generally indicated by the malefic influences of planets. Houses, signs and Nakshtras wherein the planets are placed indicate tendencies, susceptibility, resistance and potential of various ailments in the body. When these potential will manifest depends upon the dasha periods and transit of planets. The numbers of diseases which a native may have to encounter are numerous. However this book touches upon 112 diseases with the help of 102 illustrative charts. The last (16th) chapter of this book is devoted to common astrological remedies with a new Karmic and practical point of view to propitiate evil planets causing ailments.

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Longevity and Un-natural Deaths

This book has been written on the issue of analyzing longevity of nativities as well as the astrological combinations offered by planets and stars.The analysis is based on Nakshatra system where the star lord is given prime importance.

The book is written after taking 95 natal charts of various famous personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Indira Gandhi, John F Kennedy, Rajiv Gandhi, Deen Dayal Upadyaya, William McKinley, James Garfield, Madhav Rao Scindia, Princess Diana Spencer, Gulshan Kumar, Pope John Paul II, Benazir Bhutto, and many others.

The concept of Longevity is always a challenge for any astrologer to decipher and predict. It requires deep and methodical analysis of various horoscopes with practical and logical outlook, for one to acquire such skills with efficiency.

The role of houses such as 01, 06, 08 along with Saturn and Mars, and their link with houses such as badhaka and maraca has been explicitly explained and pin-pointed with detailed analysis. Violence is crime, but they do take place on everyday basis in this world. The book also deals causes and reasons with accidents, assassinations, and self effort to eliminate one’s physical presence.

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Understanding Vimshottari Dasa

To fix the possible time of happening of an event in the life of an individual is a difficult matter. Vimshottari dasa is a commonly used tool to do it. Parashar has given several dasas but he has himself expressed his view that of all dasas Vimshottari is the most suited one for our times. It is a very commonly used dasa among astrologers today.

It is essential to be clear about the principles involved and about the practice of those principles. These principles are universally applicable. The dasa gives astoundingly correct results when applied strictly according to these principles. The author has stated the principles very clearly. The reader will realize the ease with which this dasa can successfully be used when it is applied according to the principles stated in this book. A very large number of real life charts have been analysed in the book to clarify the few principles that are involved.

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Charisma of Planets: Timing Events

Astrological analysis has two components. The first is the deduction of likely trends in the life of a native. This determines the basic promise of a horoscope. The second, and more important, is to determine the time when the relevant events, according to the promise, would happen. The first part requires astrological knowledge & calculations etc; while for the second part great perception, synthesis, intuition and divine help are required. Astrology is basically the art & science of deciphering the characteristics & impulses gathered by various planets by their position/ movement and their synthesis. It is the basic characteristics of planets as modified by various impulses/ vibrations which they receive and then imparts on the native. Essentially one has to understand planets- their relationship with houses, signs & Nakshtra and their roles as lords of sign/ houses, Nakshtra or its subdivisions, as dasha lords or their day to day transit with respect to their natal position or standard specific points like natal Moon, natal ascendant or dasha lords. This not only helps in understanding the basic promises, but the timing of their fructification as well.

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A Guide to Palmistry

There have been innumerable requests for writing a book on Palmistry. The author has written a book that gives the basics of this science.Palmistry has been there from the early ages and we find literature where Sanskrit language has been used in explaining issues of this science in the early Vedic ages.In this book the author has tried to explain the uniqueness of each hand and as to how it helps in deciphering characteristics.In the science of hand reading importance is given to the shape, size, lines and the marks on hand. These have been dealt in details through various chapters in the book.Palmistry is in no way related to the science of Occultism but can be divided into two parts viz the art of reading character from the shape of hands/ fingers and the science of reading the actions and habits. Also it gives an insight of the future if one is able to correlate the shape of the hand with the lines marked thereon.The author has in the various chapters tried to explain various factors like the size, shape, texture, lines and marks that help in deciphering character and the actions that a person is prone towards.This is a basic book on Palmistry which will be useful reading to all. One could develop on these basics for a greater understanding of the subject.


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Delineating a Horoscope

Astrology is a great science based on sound principles and theory of karma through cycles of rebirth. A horoscope is basically a map of zodiac indicating position of planets in various signs/ Nakshatra at the time and place of birth. The delineation of a chart is the science and art of deciphering it as per the knowledge, intuition of the astrologer and divine help available to him. Therefore the first requisite is to have sound knowledge of nature and characteristics of houses, signs, Nakshatra and planets and their inter-relation. Next comes the basic tools like dasha, transit, yoga and divisional chart and their application in delineating a horoscope. Lagna is the single most important factor in delineating a horoscope. It is the very being of the native, his élan vital & basic potential. Unless the seed of a specific quality or event is contained in this basic potential, other planetary indications will not find suitable opportunities for manifestation. Lagna also determines the numbering of houses with lagna being the first. With the change in lagna, the significations of any planet will change drastically, as his house & lordship changes, although the sign & constellation of the planet remain unchanged.

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